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Ashlee Reid


Landline: 0207 429 0357

Mobile: 07850 550 765


Mohammed Hashim

Mortgage Advisor


Mobile: 07921 102 292

Email: mohammed.hashim

Raphael Serunkuma

Senior Manager 

Landline: 0207 429 0358



Jonathan Carvalho

Mortgage Advisor

Landline: 0207 429 0310

Mobile: 07526 596 255

Email: jonathan.carvalho

Daniel Florence

Mortgage Advisor


Mobile: 01992210340

Email: Daniel.florence

Martina Vandijk


Landline: 01992 210 444



Eray Tezbasar

Mortgage Advisor

Mobile: 07896 098 472


Giving Back

We’re proud to support The Openwork Foundation*, which provides grants to disadvantaged children in the UK and overseas through its ‘Cares 4 Kids’ fundraising programme.

The Foundation’s national charity partner is Action For Kids one of the few organisations in the country to fund and maintain bespoke powered wheelchairs for children and young people throughout the UK.

The Openwork Foundation also funds projects for local charities, supporting children who face social, physical and/or mental challenges.

The Foundation has raised over £6m since it was set up in 2005, supporting tens of thousands of disadvantaged children and young people.

Find out more about The Openwork Foundation.

*The Openwork Foundation is part of the Zurich Community Trust (UK) Limited, registered charity number: 266983

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